I59WN-P - Reload 38 mm Aerotech

Dual-propellant, longburn, White Lightning/Warp-9 reload for the RMS-38/480 motor system.

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Dual-propellant, long burn reload for Aerotech RMS-38/480 engine. Burntime: 8 seconds! Requires a plugged front closure "endburn-style".

This reload is very special. It is in fact composed of two propellants, a BATES grain of White Lightning and a long endburning grain of Warp-9. This particular configuration allows you to have a higher thrust at the start and a lower thrust and long duration during the rest of the flight.

The reload does not include the ejection charge and must be used in engines with blind front (plugged) closure. The reloads of this type do not use an ejection charge activated by the motor, therefore they must only be used with electronic ejection systems (altimeter or timer).

This reload requires the purchaser to hold a Level 1 HPR certification.
To purchase this reload you have to send us your certification papers or your membership card showing your certification level.

Data sheet

232 mm
38 mm
487 g
Motor mount
38 mm
Total Impulse
486.7 N s
Thrust duration
7.7 s