I600R-14A - Reload 38 mm Aerotech

Redline reload for Aerotech RMS 38/720 reloadable motor.

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Reload for the RMS-38/720 motor system with Redline propellant.

The I600R-14A is one of the highest thrust I-class reload of Aerotech production. With its high thrust it is well suited for heavy rockets, or as first stage of an high-performance two-stage rocket.

Includes a 14 seconds delay that can be adjusted using the RDDT - reload Delay drilling Tool, or by replacing it with an appropriate RDK delay module.

Reload for the RMS-38/360 motor system. Very long burntime, almost 8 seconds! A plugged forward closure "endburn style" is required.

Aerotech Warp-9 Propellant - This reload does not have ejection charge and must be used with a plugged forward closure.
Plugged reload kits do not utilize a motor actuated ejection charge. Plugged motors must be used in conjunction with a timer, altimeter or radio-activated recovery system.

This reload requires the purchaser to hold a Level 1 HPR certification.
To purchase this reload you have to send us your certification papers or your membership card showing your certification level.

Data sheet

38 mm
HPR Level 1