G138T-14A - Aerotech reload 29 mm

Package of one G Blue Thunder reload for Aerotech RMS 29/40-120 reloadable motor.

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G138 Blue Thunder reload with 14 seconds adjustable delay, for RMS 29/40-120 engine.

This is the only High Power reload for the RMS 29/40-120 engine. The purchase requires a High Power Level 1 certification.

Why a High Power certification is required to purchase a G-reload for the RMS 29/40-120 motor?
The engines and reloads are classified as High Power when their total impulse exceeds 160 N/s or when their average thrust exceeds 80 N.
This is the only reload for the RMS 29/40-120 motor that has an average thrust greater than 80 N and therefore falls into the High Power category, for which an HPR Level 1 certification is required.

NOTE: this reload is not compatible with reloadable motors of the High Power series. It can only be used in the RMS 29/40-120 motor.

The package includes 1 refill, the necessary parts for the assembly and 1 starter.

The RDDT - Reload Delay Drilling Tool, sold separately, is required to adjust the delay.

Data sheet

29 mm
HPR Level 1
Total Impulse
157,1 N s
Thrust duration
1,1 s
14 s - Adjustable