RC Scale Rocket Glider Me-163 Komet

Scale flying model of Messerschmitt Me-163 “Komet” rocket fighter of II WW. The Komet is a legend in itself. It was the first rocket fighter plane actually used in the war, against Allied bombers.
This scale model is radio controlled, propelled by a rocket motor and can take-off horizontally. After burnout it glides back under radio control.

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The kit is entirely made of strong styrofoam and consists of a few parts to glued together. Everything is included in the kit (radio control must be purchased separately): fuselage, canopy, wings, spars, belly and tail skids, pushrods, control clevises. The wing has built-in recesses to accomodate two micro-servos, and servo wires routing. Control hinges are prebuilt into the wings, so the assembly is fast and straightforward.


  • Length: 470 mm
  • Wingspan: 740 mm
  • Weight: 296 g
  • Engine: Klima D3-P

Aluminum motor mount, pushrods and small parts are included.
Does not include RC components such as receivers, servos and battery, glue, paint, stickers, engines and launching pad.

Remote Control requirements:
Transmitter with delta mixing function, receiving system with two micro-servos.   

Data sheet

18 mm

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