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Altimeter-Recorder EasyMini v1.0 - AltusMetrum

Dual deployment and flight recording in a stamp-sized device.

A very small barometric recording dual-deployment altimeter for rockets.

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The EasyMini is a small (40 x 20 mm) barometric recording dual-deploy altimeter for model rocketry. It's designed to fit in a 24mm coupler tube.

Flight data are stored into non-volatile memory and can be downloaded through a built-in USB connection.

This small jewel can use a battery from 3.7 to 12 V and can be connected to a separated pyro battery. You can use either a LIPo battery (through the onboard connector) or any other battery connected to the screw terminals.

The manual for EasyMini and all other Altus Metrum products, and the outline of the board with drill hole locations, are available in pdf format at the bottom of this page.

When to use this altimeter:

The EasyMini is a very good choice when you need a small and easy-to-use altimeter in your rocket.
You can use it as the main device in your dual-deployment rocket, download the flight data after the flight and analyze them on your PC or Mac using the AltOS software downloadable from this page (see below).
You can also use the EasyMini as a very good reduntant altimeter in your high-performance rocket projects, where you installed a more sophisticated and complete flight computer (like the TeleMetrum or TeleMega)


  • Recording altimeter for model rocketry

  • Supports dual deployment (can fire 2 ejection charges)

  • Barometric pressure sensor good to 30k meters MSL

  • Designed to use a battery supplying 3.7V-12V.

  • 40 x 20 mm board designed to fit inside 24mm airframe coupler tube

  • 2MB on-board data logging flash

  • Weighs only 6.5g

Data sheet

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Manual for all Altus Metrum products

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