Bring new enthusiasm into all learning environments with the help of model rockets.

Model rocketry is a very effective way to teach scientific subjects to students, involving them in an exciting and funny activity.  Model rocketry is widely used as a means of teaching, in the US and in Europe, both in schools and in summer camps, and Boy Scout camps. The ESA and NASA themselves organize teaching activities, at various levels, based on rocketry. In some countries, model rocketry can be a very exciting way to learn the English language.
Sierrafox Hobbies provides rocket models and equipment to schools, associations, clubs and the same ESA to carry out these initiatives.


Economy bulk packs for students

From the pre-assembled kits to those to be assembled from pieces, from simple single-stage models that can accommodate small loads to multistage rockets, the choices are many. These packages allow you to equip students with kit identical to each other at an affordable price. Each pack also contains some spare parts and the usual very detailed instructions.



The "bulk packs" of Estes engines allow the teacher to have a large number of engines of the same type or of different types, to be distributed to students for the launch of their models. They are available either in packages of the same motor type (A, B or C), or packs of assorted engines chosen among the most commonly used, and even with combinations of motors for first and second stage to be used in the more advanced multistage projects. Each pack includes igniters for engines and the flameproof protective material for parachutes.


Material for the launch and for experiments

Sierrafox Hobbies provides all the accessories needed for the launch and for experiments of various kinds. In the Educational section on this webshop you will find multipacks of parachutes, launch pads, launch controllers, flameproof protections and igniters, as well as small and affordable altimeters, ideal for experiments on the altitude obtained by rockets.

  • It's easy to motivate students with model rocketry
  • 100% safe, no need to handle hazardous substances.
  • Teach a wide variety of subjects: Science, Technology, Maths, Language Arts, Social Studies.
  • Full technical support for teachers.