Materials and services for the industry and aerospace research

SierraFox Professional is a division of SierraFox Srl dedicated to the needs of industry and professionals in the aerospace field. In over fifteen years we have served numerous professionals who have found us a reliable partner that can provide resources otherwise difficult to obtain. We establish this division to better meet the specific needs of the industry and research. Today we are one of the few companies specialized in providing products and services for micro-applications in aerospace.


Micro engines and gas generators

Solid rocket motors with total impulse between 20 Ns and 10240 Ns, burning time of 0.4 s to 12.3 s with various thrust profiles, slow-burning propellant for gas generators, solutions for motor ignition in all conditions.

Data retrieval

Electronic on-board devices

Altimeters and accelerometers designed specifically for high speeds and accelerations and for data collection also in the stratospheric region, tracking devices (GPS) and data transmission on-board devices, actuators of pre-programmed events, devices to activate  recovery systems.


Parachutes and other recovery systems

Mini high-quality parachutes with diameters ranging from 30 to 480 cm for the recovery of sounding rockets, balloon sondes, UAVs, drones and other small aircraft. Non-pyrotechnic systems for parachute ejection, cables and parachute fixing accessories.

Design and launch

Microsondes launch services

We have gained a vast experience along several decades of micro-rockets launches and we can supply our own ground equipment to launch vehicles weighing up to 20 kg, and a launch site for flights up to 2000 meters suitable for a great variety of experiments, in particular equipment test and university projects. We can also provide consultancy on the design and implementation of micro-sounding rockets on customer specifications.

  • More than 15 years of experience in providing aerospace material.
  • Hard to find items and accessories
  • Ground equipment and field to launch micro-sondes
  • We specialize in small and very small scale aerospace solutions