Are you fascinated by rocketry but don't know how to get started with it?

Here is all the information you need for your first steps:

First of all, model rockets are just like any other model airplane; you can fly them as many times as you want. Just install a suitable rocket engine, fold the parachute, close the rocket and launch it from a special launch pad using the appropriate electric launch controller.

How model rockets work

Once the rocket is back on the ground all you have to do is to insert a new rocket engine, fold the parachute and launch it again, as many times as you want: model rockets do not get destroyed, do not burn and are not lost, unless there is strong wind or the flying field is very small.
The parachute comes out by itself, the engine pushes it out so you do not need any special techniques.
All model rockets work this way.
A model rocket engine does not contain any hazardous materials and it works all the times, just follow the instructions for use.
For your first experience you'll want to choose a Starter Set, which is a package containing one or more rockets, a launch pad, and an electric launch controller.

This is what you need:

  • One Starter Set
  • One or more packs of rocket engines, selected from those listed in the page of the rocket you have chosen.
  • Batteries of the type indicated in the instructions of the launch controller
  • One pack of igniters for engines
  • One pack of fireproof wadding to protect the parachute

How do I choose my first model rocket?

Starter Sets comes in two flavors: ready-to-fly, or in kit form. In ready-to-fly sets you just have to add rocket motors and batteries, which must be purchased separately, and you are ready for launch. Starter Sets in kit require a little more work but generally the assembly process is very simple. But if you're like us and you like to build, in this webshop you will find many rocket models to fit your needs, from the simplest to the most complex.

Remind that glue, paint, engines and batterie are never included in Starter Sets and kits. On the other side, parachute is always included.

If you do not find a Starter Set that you like you can choose separate components: a launch pad with 3 mm rod, an electric launch controller and your favorite model. Although larger rockets are very attractive, we do not recommend them as your first experience. They are more complex to build, they require large fields for launch, their engines are more difficult to use, and of course they are more expensive.
Choose models for rocket motors A, B and C instead. They are ideal to understand how a model rocket works, you can launch them from fields you can  find easily, and they are not difficult to be followed during the flight without going out of sight.

Which rocket engine should I use?

On this website, each rocket description contains a list of engines suitable for it. They all go well, but at the beginning you'll want to choose the smallest of the list (the ones with the letter A or B) to avoid the risk that the model goes too high and you lose sight of it, especially the first times when you are still not used to follow it in flight.

Should I add any accessories in my first order?

We suggest to add a pack of igniters (or starters) and a bag of flameproof wadding to protect the parachute: igniters are useful if you break those included with the engines or they burn out without igniting the engine, something which can happen when you are not yet familiar with them. The flameproof wadding is mandatory to protect the parachute when it is ejected. Without them the parachute melts out and becomes useless.

Are you an aeromodeller with some experience who wants to try something new?

Choose a large Starter Set or a large rocket, maybe you can launch it in the same field where you fly your model airplanes. These rockets usually use rocket motors of class E, F or higher, using a 12-volt batteries for starting that you probably already own.

Large rockets are more complex to use but more suitable for adult modelers, and are ideal as a first step towards the larger and powerful High Power rockets.