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Delay Adjusting Tool ProDAT 38 CTI

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The ProDAT- (Pro38 Delay Adjustment Tool) tool is used to reduce the delay time from the supplied setting.
The Pro38-ProDAT tool has four fixed delay reduction settings - that means you can choose from a total of five delay times.
The delay reduction settings are minus 3, minus 5, minus 7 and minus 9 seconds - meaning you can reduce the delay time by 3,5,7 or 9 seconds.
By using a delay reduction setting on the stops instead of a delay value, we were free to equip reloads with whatever maximum delay time we felt was appropriate for the size of motor.
Please don't confuse the setting on the delay tool with the actual delay time - it is the amount you are removing from the delay, not the delay time itself!


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38 mm