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Nose cone PNC-3.00 - LOC/Precision

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Plastic nosecone for BT-2.56 tubes made of sturdy polyethylene with hook for the parachute shock cord.


  • Polyethylene is known to be difficult to glue and paint. Before using the nosecone, wash it thoroughly with soapy water and dry it. In this way, the release agent residues are removed.
  • Fill imperfections with Squadron Green or White plastic filler, or body filler.
  • Acetone and nitro thinner do not attack the plastic of the nosecones if used with moderation.
  • If you need to add weight to adjust the model's CG/CP relationship, pour sand into the nose cone and hold it in place with PML Two-Part Foam (on the Adhesives page).

Technische Daten

75 mm
Freigelegte Länge
285 mm
95 mm