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Neue Produkte

Bulk Rocket Packs

Boxes of rocket kits for classrooms, groups of students, scouts, or clubs. They includes from 6 to 24 rockets, identical or with the same performance, plus instructions and spare parts.

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  • Three Aqua Star rockets

    Aqua Star rockets set (3 pk.)

    30,50 €

    Set of 3 rockets for the AquaStar water rocket system. Three different colors and dozens of different possible combinations!

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  • Aqua Star Water Rocket

    Aqua Star Water Rocket

    12,99 €

    Additional rocket for the AquaStar water rocket system.

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  • Aqua Star - Complete Starter Set

    Aqua Star - Starter Set

    43,99 €

    A complete water rocket system which works with almost all commercially available PET bottles! Can be assembled without using adhesives or tools, and flies up to 100 m fly using only water and air!