Electronic altimeters for rocketry, accelerometers, timers, flight computers and other electronic devices for flight data acquisition, parachute deployment or telemetry data transmission.

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  • Altimeter TeleMini V3.0 - Altus Metrum

    Altimeter TeleMini V3.0 -...

    189,99 €

    Electronic barometric altimeter for model rockets, with double deployment and data transmission.

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  • Chute Release Protector

    Chute Release Protector

    11,99 €

    Protect your Jolly Logic Chute Release with this clever accessory.

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  • TeleBT v3.0 - Altus Metrum

    TeleBT v3.0 - Altus Metrum

    193,97 €

    The easiest way to control, receive and log data from your Altus Metrum flight computer.
    Data transceiver with bluetooth connection for a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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  • 9 volt battery strap

    9 volt battery strap

    1,67 €

    A safe and sturdy connector.
    This plastic strap for 9 V batteries ensures a safe contact everytime, and protects from shorts.

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  • Chute Release - Jolly Logic

    Chute Release - Jolly Logic

    157,97 €

    “Dual deployment” the easy way.
    A clever device to turn any rocket into a dual recovery.

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  • Snap Mount for Jolly Logic altimeters

    Jolly Logic Snap Mount

    11,99 €

    Mount your Jolly Logic altimeter easily.
    A useful mount to secure your AltimeterOne, AltimeterTwo or AltimeterThree to yoru rocket.

  • AltimeterTwo showing top speed

    AltimeterTwo electronic...

    87,77 €

    The AltimeterOne is the easiest way to find out how high your rocket went. Just latch it on the bottom of the nose cone, and launch it. The LCD display shows the exact peak altitude reached by your rocket.

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  • Picture of front side of Altimeter-Recorder EasyMega v1.0 - AltusMetrum

    Altimeter-Recorder EasyMega...

    379,99 €

    All the power of TeleMetrum without GPS and telemetry link.

    The EasyMega is a high-end recording dual-deploy altimeter for high power model rocketry. It has the same features of TeleMega without the GPS and telemetry link.

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  • Altimeter-Recorder EasyMini v2.0 - AltusMetrum

    Altimeter-Recorder EasyMini...

    104,99 €

    Dual deployment and flight recording in a stamp-sized device.

    A very small barometric recording dual-deployment altimeter for rockets.

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  • Altus Metrum TeleMega v1.0

    Altus Metrum TeleMega v1.0

    489,99 €

    High-end recording dual-deploy altimeter for high power model rocketry with 6 pyro channels, integrated GPS and telemetry link.  

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  • G-Switch


    4,99 €

    G-Switch (acceleration switch) to be used for activation of electronic devices aboard model rockets.

  • AltimeterThree electronic altimeter

    AltimeterThree electronic...

    119,99 €

    AltimeterThree is an electronic altimeter and flight altitude recorder for model rockets and other flying objects that you control by your smartphone or tablet. It is small enough to go almost anywhere, and it can used for almost any flying activity.

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