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Long March 3 (CZ-3A) - Sky

Scale model rocket of the Chinese space launcher Long March 3, for engines type A, B and C. Very easy to build, with numerous plastic parts.

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Scale models of Chinese launch vehicles are hard to find due to the secrecy surrounding their launch programs. This model of the Long March 3A (Chang Zheng, in Chinese) is probably one of the first ever in Europe. It is an easy kit to assemble, which makes it the simplest scale kit you can find.

The real Chinese Long March 3A (CZ-3A) rocket was a three-stage launch vehicle designed to launch satellites of 1,500 kg mass in geosynchronous transfer orbit. This is a 1:95 scale model of the rocket and features a vacuum-formed plastic molded ogive, a plastic fin-can and a body tube already decorated: no need to paint it!

The Long March 3 uses standard 18 mm motors type A, B and C.


  • Plastic nosecone. Made of strong, shock-resistant vacuum-formed plastic.
  • Plastic fin-can. The fins are inserted and glued in slots on their mount block, to guarantee a perfect alignment.
  • Simulated plastic nozzles. The simulated nozzles are glued to the base of the fin-can and give your rocket an attractive appearance even in flight as they remain attached to it.
  • Easy to follow instructions in English. Apogee Components oversaw the translation and drawing of the instructions, which are very clear and very easy to follow.
  • High quality self-adhesive decals. The body tube is pre-printed with the correct marks, but there are a couple of stickers that must be placed on the nose-cone. Although the decals are of the self-adhesive type, they are very thin and therefore seem almost screen-printed directly on the rocket.
  • Large parachute. The large, brightly colored, 45 cm diameter parachute that comes with the model makes it easy to see it both in the sky and when it lands.
  • Quick release metal engine hook, which allows you to replace the engine after every flight in seconds. The motor support accepts standard 18 mm diameter motors.

Required for the flight (not included):

  • Launch pad with 3 mm launch rod, such as Klima, Estes Porta Pad II, Estes Astron Launch Pad
  • Launch controller such as Klima or Estes Electron Beam
  • Engines (see recommended engines)
  • Protective wadding for parachutes


44 cm
35 mm
56.7 g
Průměr motoru
18 mm
45 cm plastový padák
S odpalovací tyčí 3 mm
Doporučené motory
Estes A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-5 Klima A6-4, B4-4, C6-7, D9-7