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Ultimate Tube Marking Guide - Estes

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With this tube marking guide you will be able to draw lines down tubes of any sizes. Use it to draw fin alignement lines, to place fins straight along the longitudinal axis of the tube.

The Ultimate marking Guide has seven different straight edges, so you will always find an edge with half the height of the tube you are going to mark. This allows for very straight lines as the pen is guided along the full lenght and you don't need a steady hand to keep it at the same angle as you trace your line.

The Ultimate Tube Marking Guide works with any Estes or similar tubes, from BT-5 up to BT-60.

It is also suitable for Quest tubes from T-15 up to T-40. Drawing a line on a BT-80 tube is less critical because of its size, you can use any straight edge of the guide.