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Amarok - Apogee

Mid-power model for 29 mm E and F engines. It can also use 24mm and 18mm motors with adapters.

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The Amarok is a Mid-Power flying model rocket suitable for E and F engines. However, given its not excessive weight, it can also be launched with 24 mm (Estes, Aerotech) or 18mm (Klima) D motors. To use motors with a diameter of less than 29mm it will be necessary to purchase a separate adapter.

Assembly is not complex, thanks also to the many laser-cut parts that fit together perfectly. The body of the model also has laser-cut fins slots.

For the protection of the parachute, the model includes a baffle for the exhaust gases. This extremely effective system makes the use of protective material superfluous.

The kit includes, as always, the parachute, the kevlar shock-cord, and a set of self-adhesive vinyl decals. A motor retaining system is also included, made with a threaded rod.


  • Laser pre-cut tubes, including slots for stabilizers.
  • Strong plastic ogive
  • Laser-cut basswood stabilizers
  • Kevlar parachute cable
  • Detailed instructions, full of images (in English)

For the flight you will need (not included):

  • Launch pad with 6 mm shaft (Klima, Estes Porta Pad II, Estes Pro Pad)
  • Launch command (Klima, Estes Electron Beam, Estes PS II controller))
  • Engines (see recommended engines)


91 cm
66 mm
300 g
Průměr motoru
29 mm
S odpalovací tyčí 6 mm