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Deployment bag CDB-3, 9L - Fruity Chutes

Nomex parachute deployment bag for 4” rockets.

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Why deployment bags?

A deployment bag is the only way to have a perfect “lines-first” professional deployment, thus avoiding the high aperture shocks of high power parachutes. They are essential if you are using multiple parachutes.

Fruity deployment bags are made of high quality Nomex fabric and thread. Bags come with elastic straps to hold the shroud lines and shock cords. Elastic bands are tack in the center making them ideal for dual parachute use.

The bag is cut just a bit smaller in diameter to accomodate your chute shroud lines folding on the outside and to assure an easy fit into your airframe.

All bags come with:

  • Elastic straps to z-fold your chutes shroud lines under
  • Flap to cover the opening.
  • Top loop to attach a drogue or pilot chute, and a Fruity recovery tether.
  • Nylon harness inside the bag to connect to the chute crown.

Size: 98 mm x 229 mm for chutes up to 1440 cm3 volume

To determine the size needed look at the total cubic inches for your Fruity Chute. Then make sure the bag you choose will accomodate at least that much volume.

Here is how to pack these deployment bags:

  1. If needed connect the inner retaining strap to the crown loop on the chute.  This keeps the bag connected to the chute (unless your doing a “free bag” style of deployment).  Connect the other end of the strap (the outside end) to a deployment chute or something else that can pull the bag off the chute.
  2. Starting at the crown of the chute grab a handful of material and stuff it into the end of the bag.
  3. Keep grabbing handfuls and continue stuffing the chute in very tightly.  The bag will stretch some but it is sized to fit into the airframe.
  4. Finally stuff the skirt of the chute in.  If there is room for any shroud lines also stuff these in.  When done this way the bag can be simply turned upside down and with a few shakes the chute will fall out.   It’s simple and reliable.
  5. Z-fold the remaining shroud lines under the straps being carefull not to bind them up.  Neatness counts!  It is not necessary to fold all the shroud lines. Or some can be put in the bag if they will fit...  Do not put the bridal under the straps, it will bind-up.

Do no pre-fold the chute and stuff that in the bag – it won’t come out!

Even through the bag is made of Nomex we recommend to use a heat protector blanket regardless to keep it nice and clean.