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TeleBT v3.0 - Altus Metrum

The easiest way to control, receive and log data from your Altus Metrum flight computer.
Data transceiver with bluetooth connection for a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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TeleBT is a transceiver on 70cm radio band (430 Mhz) for use with Altus Metrum flight computers TeleMini, TeleMetrum and TeleMega.

It is connected to the antenna via a standard RF socket and sends the data to your computer, tablet or smartphone via a bluetooth link.

This makes the data reading and storage very easy and straightforward: you just need to turn it on, and pair it with your device, even with your smartphone, to get the flight data.

Data are read with the AltOS software on a computer, or AltosDroid software for Android tablets and phones.

The USB connection is still available, however, so you can connect it to a computer through a standard USB port using a common USB cable (not included).

Battery is included and it is charged through the USB port.

We suggest our Yagi 5 elements antenna for the best results.

  • 70cm ham-band transceiver compatible with Altus Metrum products, programmed for 38k4 GFSK data rate with forward error correction
  • micro USB interface
  • 850mAh LiPo battery charged via USB

Download the ground station software
(runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows)

Scarica il software AltosDroid per l'utilizzo con tablet e smartphone Android

Scarica AltosDroid da Google Play


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