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Altimeter-Recorder EasyMega v1.0 - AltusMetrum

All the power of TeleMetrum without GPS and telemetry link.

The EasyMega is a high-end recording dual-deploy altimeter for high power model rocketry. It has the same features of TeleMega without the GPS and telemetry link.

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Altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope and even a magnetic sensor, all programmable!

The EasyMega is a dual deployment recording altimeter with all the functions of TeleMetrum, but without the GPS and the radio link.

This device has both a barometric sensor and an accelerometer on 3 axis, and 4 of its 6 channels are fully programmable. This comes very handy when you have a complex project, with strap-on boosters, multi stages, clusters or air-starting. The flight data are stored on a non-volatile memory onboard and can be downloaded on your computer via the USB interface.

When to use this device?

With its 4 programmable channels and 2 dual-dployment dedicated channels the limit is only your imagination: multistages, airstarts, motor clusters, strap-on boosters and external devices. All of this can be programmed to be activated upon any event, or below or over a certain value of, say, acceleration or speed. It detects motor burnouts, and it can even be programmed to activate a channel below a given angle, thus increasing the safety of upper stages ignition.

It is clear that this device is a real flight computer to be used in your most sophisticated projects.


  • Recording altimeter for high power model rocketry
  • Supports dual deployment and 4 additional pyro events.
  • Pyro events are configurable and can be based on time and various flight events and status, including angle from vertical (for safety in staging and air start flights).
  • Barometric pressure sensor good to 30k meters MSL
  • 1-axis 105-g accelerometer for motor characterization
  • 3-axis 16-g accelerometer for gyro calibration
  • 3-axis 2000 deg/sec gyros
  • 3-axis magnetic sensor
  • On-board non-volatile memory for flight data storage
  • USB for power, configuration, and data recovery
  • Integrated support for LiPo rechargeable batteries
  • User choice of pyro battery configuration, can use primary LiPo or any customer-chosen separate pyro battery up to 12 volts nominal.
  • 57 x 32 mm board designed to fit inside 38mm airframe coupler tube

The manual for EasyMega and the other Altus Metrum products is available in pdf below on this page


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