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Reloadable motor RMS 24/40 Aerotech

Aerotech RMS 24/40 reloadable motor hardware set. Includes the casing, one forward closure and one aft closure. This motor is an ideal choice to give more power to rockets made for 24 mm motors like Estes D-type, or as your first reloadable. 

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The RMS 24/40 reloadable motor from AeroTech has the same size of an Estes D motor (24 x 70 mm) but can be loaded with D, E and even F class reload kits. This means that you can use it in the same rockets made for Estes 24 mm motors C11, D12, E9 or E12 but with much more power. Just imagine your rocket pushed by an F motor instead of a D12...!

To use this motor you have to choose a reload, assemble it following its instructions, dispose of the residues after each flight and clean the motor accurately. The motor can be used an indefinite number of times.

RMS motors are made of aircraft-grade aluminum and consists of three parts: the case, the forward closure and the aft closure.

The forward closure holds the delay and the parachute ejection charge, the rear closure holds the nozzle and, being of a larger diameter than the motor body, it acts as an engine block as it butts up against the motor mount tube. The two notches in the rear closure are made for those kits using a steel spring-type motor retainer, like Aerotech rocket kits.

Aerotech RMS reloadable motors are easy to use but we suggest you to follow the instructions closely. After each flight the motor must be cleaned very well with a wet cloth or a “baby wipe”.

When to use this engine?

This is one of the most versatile reloadable motor from Aerotech. You can use it in rockets made for Estes D motors, giving them much more power, as well as in any other rocket made for 24 mm motors, including Aerotech, LOC/Precision, Madcow, etc.
You can also use it in some rockets made for 29 mm motors using an adapter like Estes 24 to 29 Adapter, or LOC MMA-1.

The following reloads can be used with this motor:

D9W-4, -7
D15T-4, -7
E18W-4, -7
E28T-4, -7
F12J-3, -5
F24W-4, -7
F39T-6, -9


70 mm
24 mm
19,7 gr