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Hi-reliability igniters - Klima

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High reliability engine igniters, for Estes or Klima motors. No more misfires!

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Ficha técnica

Ignition current0.5 A
Ignition voltagemin. 1.5 V
Resistanceca. 1.8 Ohm


With these igniters, engine misfires will be only a memory of the past. A reliable and efficient solution to ignite Estes and Klima motors, at last!

Using these igniters is very easy and they are much less fragile and delicate than the standard ones. By following instructions, pictures only and very straightforward, you will have a perfect ignition at every launch.

These igniters requires a minimum voltage of 1.5 volt to ignite, therefore thay can be used with any launch controller either at 6, 9 or 12 volt.

Package of 6 pieces.