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Rocket kit Renegade D - Estes

Renegade D - Estes


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Witness a spectacular lift off when you launch the Estes Renegade D. This kit has many innovative assembly features that include a 1 piece main body tube, laser cut fins and wings, plastic wing pod, a cool molded canopy nose cone and a pirate themed waterslide decal set. This rebel is a real stand out at the launch field! Great looks aren't all this rebel has. When launched with a powerful D12-5 engine, this smoking hot, high flying spacecraft can reach heights of 900 ft. This cruiser slowly descends on a large, colorful 18 in preassembled parachute.

Length: 67.6 cm
Diameter: 41.6 mm
Weight (without motor): 121 gr
Recovery: 45 cm (18") plastic parachute
Fins: laser cut balsa
Launch rod required: 5 mm
Recommended engines : D12-5. Reloadable D9-4, D15-7