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Rocket kit Strong Arm - Aerotech

Strong Arm Rocket Kit


A semi-scale replica of the anti-radar missile AGM-78 Standard ARM.
A rocket with a military look for those who like military missiles and love to build.

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Ficha técnica

Length111 cm
Diameter66 mm
Weight623 gr
Motor mount29/24 mm
Recovery75 cm (30") Nylon Parachute
Launch pad6 mm launch rod
Recommended EnginesAerotech Single use F20-4W, F23-4FJ, F27-4R, G40-7W Aerotech RMS F24-4W, F40-7W, G64-7W. This is just our suggestion. Many other motors can be used.


A semi-scale rocket with some fantasy.

The Strong ARM has a characteristic military aspect, although it is not a true scale model. The resemblance to the anti-radar missile AGM-78 Standard ARM is only partial, mainly because the fins of the real one have a different shape. The rocket that you will build with this kit, however, has a more slender shape than the real missile.

It is a classic mid-power rocket, suitable for F and G engines, with some additional detail such as the four strakes along the fuselage, that must be cut from a plastic profile which is perfectly adapted to the body tube, or the decal sheet, rich in writings and decorations. The rocket is easy to build, and when finished its appearance is very attractive and achieved without excessive effort.

The engine support is the classic 29 mm, but the kit also includes an adapter to use 24 mm motors. If you want to use motor this size the ideal are Aerotech F-class reloads, or Cesaroni reloadable motors with F-class reloads as well.

The ideal motors, however, are 29 mm F-class, both single use and reloadable, and of course G-class engines with which you'll get very high flights.

  • Sturdy plastic nosecone 5:1
  • Cardboard body tubes with precut fins slots
  • Molded plastic fins
  • Fins locking system which ensures a perfect alignment and spacing
  • Integrated parachute protection system
  • Screw-on motor retainer included
  • 75 cm (30”) nylon parachute include
  • Self-adhesive decals

To launch this rocket you need 6 mm launch rod so you can use all the launch pads that mount this rod, such as the Aerotech Mantis, the Estes PS II or the Klima launch pad. The launch controller must be at 12 volts. The Aerotech Interlock Controller or the Estes PS II are both fine.

Aerotech kits features – Why are they so good?

Aerotech kits have a complete set of solutions and construction details that brings them one step beyond all other mid-power kits of the same size. For this reason, and for the great care with which they are made, they appear to cost more than others, but being so complete does not require the purchase of additional parts, and to finish them you need only adhesive and colors.

Opening the box of one of these kits you will immediately notice the quantity and quality of the parts. The tubes are made of strong kraft cardboard, with pre-cut fins slots. The nose cone is tough plastic, with a length to diameter ratio of about 5: 1.

But certainly the most striking particular is the motor mount assembly and the fins. These are made of rigid and molded plastic. You do not need to sand or give them an aerodynamic profile. They fit into two grooved plastic rings that keep them perfectly aligned and blocked at the same time. No more crooked and misaligned fins!

In addition, the motor mount tube has a pencil line traced on it that acts as a reference for mounting.

Another unique feature of the Aerotech kit products is their parachute protection system, made with a steel mesh which filters and cools the ejection gases, preventing them to damage your parachute. Before reaching the parachute the gases are forced through the holes of a plastic closure which also acts as an anchor for the shock cord.

This way you do not need to add any protective wadding or similar materials, and the rocket can be prepared to fly very quickly.

Even the motor retainer is worthy of note. Initially, these kits were equipped with a steel engine hook, similar to those present in Estes kits but bigger and stronger. Now Aerotech has made a screw-on motor locking system that is included in all their kits.

If you add the cost of such a retainer and a parachute Nomex protection to the price of other kits comparable in size, you easily see that the Aerotech kits are very competitive.

A nylon parachute of appropriate size, a self-adhesive decals sheet of excellent quality, and launch guides for 6 mm rods are included as well.

The shock cord is made of fabric covered elastic. This is perhaps the only detail that we would improve. Although abundant in length, elastic is not the ideal material because it can break in the long run. As it is tied to the motor mount, it will be difficult to replace it. For this reason, we would add some 3 or 6 mm Kevlar tubular, at least until you get beyond the opening of the fuselage, in order to untie the elastic band if it should break, and replace it with a new one.