Rocket kit Mammoth PRO - Estes

Mammoth E2X Estes


Large model rocket of Estes Pro Series II. Easy to assemble, this rocket flies with 29 mm Aerotech Single Use or reloadable motors.

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The Mammoth is a large model rocket capable to fly with 29 mm composite motors, and easy to assemble. Fly it with Aerotech single use or reloadable motors to reach high altitudes.
You can also transform it in a two-stager by adding the PSII Booster. As composite motors cannot ignite in series like Estes motors, you will need a timer or other electronic device to ignite the upper stage. 

Engines, glue and paint are not included.
Requires a PS II Launch Base and a 12 volt launch controller like the Universal Controller 6-12V or the PS II Launch Controller, not included.

Length: 150 cm
Diameter: 51 mm
Weight (without motor): 377 gr
Recovery: 61 cm plastic parachute
Fins: plastic
Launch rod diameter: 6 mm
Recommended motors: 
Aerotech Single Use: F20-7W, F23-7FJ, F27-8R
Aerotech reloads (for RMS 29/40-120): F22-5J, F40-7W, F52-8T