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HP-H45W-P - Aerotech Single Use DMS Motor 38 mm


Long-burn High Power 38 mm Single Use rocket motor with adjustable delay and White Lightning propellant.

Más detalles

Reservado para los titulares de la certificación HPR Envíenos una copia de su certificación .

Ficha técnica

Length203 mm
Diameter38 mm
Weight365 gr
Total Impulse320 Ns
Thrust duration6 s
Primary useSingle Stage


The HP-H45W-P is a lomg-burning single-use High Power motor, from the Aerotech DMS(tm) family of motors. With its incredible 6 sec. of burn time, it is an ideal choice when you want to launch a light rocket to incredible altitudes, or as a upper stage in a multi-stage rocket.

Due to its long burntime, there is no delay included in this motor, nor ejection charge. You will have to use an electronic device such as an altimeter or a flight computer to eject the parachute.

DMS (Disposable Motor System) motors are already assembled and ready-to-use, you don't need to reload anything. This is a great advantage when you need ease of use and a fast turnaround, just like Estes motors: you install the motor in the rocket, launch it and throw it away after use. No need to buy reloadable casings.

This motor requires the purchaser to hold a Level 1 HPR certification.