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J825R-M - Reload 38 mm Aerotech


Reload kit for Aerotech RMS 38/1080 motor, with Redline propellant and an M delay (10 sec. approx.)

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Reservado para los titulares de la certificación HPR Envíenos una copia de su certificación .


This is a J reload with high trust and a relatively short burn time. It is best suited for rockets with a smaller diameter aimed to reach high altitudes, or heavy rockets.

The Redline propellant produces a spectacular bright red-purple flame. The reload requires the forward seal disk in motor casing. 

Each reload kit for Aerotech RMS reloadable motors includes the propellant, the delay element, the nozzle, cardboard liners and o-rings needed to assemble them into the motor. Every reload component burns during the flight or gets unusable therefore it is thrown after use. The motor itself it is used countless times.

Package includes all the components needed to assemble one complete reloads.

An high power certification Level 2 is required to purchase this reload.