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5.5" Black Brant II Fiberglass - Madcow Rocketry


All-fiberglass, huge rocket for super-experts.
A scale replica of the Canadian Black Brant II sounding rocket for high-end Level-2 motors or Level-3

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Data sheet

Length270 cm
Diameter140 mm
Weight11000 gr
Motor mount75 mm
Recovery300 cm parachute
Launch padHigh Power Rail
Recommended EnginesAerotech and Cesaroni high-end K reloads, L and M

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A huge fiberglass beauty ready to be customized.

You are a Level-2 certified flier since a long time, you have build any sort or rocket and flew them with J and K motors many time, you have experience in complex rockets and you like to put a lot of work on a new project, including designing electronic bays..

You were looking for a rocket kit made of top quality materials to be used as a base for a fantastic project you have in mind or even to get your Level-3 certification.

Now you have found what you are looking for: the Madcow 5.5” Black Brant II is designed with the expert modeller in mind, someone who doesn't need a step-by-step assembly instruction simply because he already has his project in mind.

The 5.5” Black Brant II is made of fiberglass filament wound body tubes and couplers, G10 centering rings and fins, parts to make an electronic bay with anodyzed aluminium covers, a filament wound, aluminium tipped nosecone.

All this parts are needed to build the final rocket but they are not enough. You will use them as a base structure to be enriched with all the other pieces needed to make an high-performace, complex rocket.


As we said, this is more a group of parts than a kit. Being dedicated to super-expert builders, there was no need to add every small detail because everyone has his/her personal preferences, his/her preferred techniques and there are no two identical projects.

This kit is dedicated to those who want to have top quality parts to be used to make his/her personal version of the Black Brant II, with different electronic setups and different payloads.

We already told you how beautiful and smooth are Madcow fiberglass parts. This kit is no exception. Body tubes and couplers are extremely strong and fit together perfectly, the nosecone is a beauty with its silk smooth surface, no seams and an aluminum tip.

The kit includes parts to make the structure of an electronic bay: a coupler, a body tube ring to place the switches on, threaded rods to accomodate the avionic platform. One every nice feature are the avionic bay bulkheads: two green anodyzed aluminium disks with holes for threaded rods and parachute attachments. You have to figure out where to attach the U-bolts and the ejection charges containers and you probably end up doing some extra hole yourself.

A bag full of hardware (U-bolts, nuts, metal plates, etc.) is included in the kit. Also included are some plastic rivets, used to keep the electronic bay and the upper tube together. These rivets are easily locked and unlocked by simply pulling them thus making a fast and efficient way to connect the parts together.

Fins are 5mm thick G10 fiberglass, beveled on the leading edge. A big advantage as this is a job hard to make with standard tools. The fin slot on the body tube must be lightly sanded to slip the fins into it.

The tail cone of the real Black Brant II has been made of fiberglass as well, and it is filament wound as the tubes and nosecone.

This rocket accepts 75mm motors. As its finished weight will be no less than 12 kilos, you have to fly it with the most powerful among K reloads as a minimum. An L motor is better and you can use this rocket for your Level-3 certification or flights.

Instructions have been replaced by a simple exploded view, as there is really nothing to explain about the assemble. You just need to know which part is which, the rest is up to you. Madcow assumes that you know how to glue fiberglass parts together, what type of epoxy to choose, if and where to use fiberglass cloth reinforcements, where to put shear pins, etc.

Speaking of epoxy, for these kind of kits we suggest Loctite 9464 Hysol structural epoxy, or similar products. Two parts bonded with such an adhesive could be considered as structurally linked, a must for rockets of this size and weight.

The parachute(s), the shock cord, the motor retainer and the rail guides are not included in this kit. Again, everyone has its own preferred, and you probably have them at home already.

We can give you some suggestions, however: as shock cord we would use a 25mm (1 inch) wide tubular nylon, like the TUNSC-1” from Top Flight; as a main parachute we would suggest a FruityChutes IFC-96 or CFC-120 while a Public Missiles PAR-36 is a good choice as a drogue; the perfect motor retainer is a screw-on type but if you are a good craftsman you can make one your own, machined from aluminium, for example.

The decals sheet is another great feature. Decals are self-adhesive, pre-cut vynil. You just have to peel the backing off , place them in the appropriate position on the rocket body and press them. They reproduce the famous C.A.R.D.E. logo, the Black Brant name and of course the silver square with the silhouette of the bird giving its name to the rocket.

The Madcow 5.5” Black Brant II is definitely one of the most sophisticated, high performance rocket kit you can buy.

  • Filament Wound 5:1 Conical Nose Cone with Aluminum Tip
  • Filament Wound Tail Cone
  • Pre-Slotted Fiberglass Airframe
  • 5mm G10 Beveled Fins
  • G10 Centering Rings
  • Aluminum Bulk Plates Standard
  • Cut Vinyl Decal
  • Dual Deployment Hardware Included
  • 8 mm U-Bolts Included



Black Brant II 5.5" Assembly Instructions

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