2.6" Patriot Fiberglass - Madcow Rocketry


The Patriot rocket kit in fiberglass, an easy to build Level-1 rocket
Build this all-fiberglass rocket kit to get your Level-1 certification or just to have a high-class rocket in your fleet.

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Data sheet

Length85 cm
Diameter66 mm
Weight905 gr
Motor mount38 mm
Recovery75 cm nylon parachute
Launch padHigh Power rail
Recommended EnginesAerotech and Cesaroni 38 mm reloads G to H

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Strong beyond all limits, the MIM-104 Patriot thin fiberglass kit from Madcow seems to be designed for one purpose: getting your Level-1 certification.

Its size and weight are perfectly calibrated to be your first High Power rocket, and being entirely made of fiberglass you can be sure you will not break any part of it.

The real Patriot is the most efficient surface-to-air defence missile in use today, while this kit is totally harmless and is flown just for the fun of it.

Why this kit is the perfect Level-1 certification rocket? Because it is easy to build with no special parts or techniques required, it is single deployment, and its weight and size allows it to be launched with G motors for tests, and H motors for the certification flight. You don't even need a powerful H, to fly it.


If you never worked with fiberglass before you will be surprised on how easy it is to work with this material. The tube is very smooth right out of the box. Just wash it with some alcohol and water and once dry you can spray your preferred primer. You don't even need to sand it, although a light sanding with 400 git sandpaper wouldn't hurt.

The thin fiberglass is only thinner than others, but it cannot flex. The wall is 1 mm thick. Not bad at all...

Fins and centering rings are made of G10 fiberglass, to bear the strongest loads this rocket is capable of. The shock cord is tubular nylon, the best material for shock cords of this size.

Fin slots are already cut, and this is a great advantage because this material is so hard that you couldn't do it without special tools.

The nose cone is made the traditional way: impregnated fiberglass cloth laid into a mold, with white gelcoat on the surface. The outside surface has a visible mold seam that can be sanded off easily, while the inside surface is very rough. To glue the bulkhead inside the nosecone shoulder you have to sand the inside surface a bit, but its roughness is good for the epoxy to grab to it.

The motor mount tube is 38 mm. Don't be surprised: this kit is designed to fly mainly with H motors, as there are so many in 38mm diameter. You can use also 38mm G motors of course. There are many in the Aerotech and CTI line, and it is a good idea to test the rocket with them before attempting your Level-1 certification flight.

You may use also 29 mm motors, but you need an 29 to 38 mm adapter like the Public Missiles HAMR 29/38 to do so.

The Patriot does not include a motor retainer. You have to choose among the many types made by several different brands. We suggest you a screw-on retainer like the Public Missiles HAMR-38 SET because it is easy to use, efficient and a clean design. Don't use a plastic one like the Estes retainer because you are going to use mostly H motors, for which that retainer is not intended. 

Remember that the motor tube must protrude 1 cm beyond the lower centering ring to have something to glue the retainer on.

A parachute is not included in the kit. The manufacturer assumes that if you are going to get your Level-1 certification, or you have it already, you know several things about rockets including how to choose the right parachute.

We suggest you a Public Missiles PAR-30 or PAR-36 (if you want a slower landing)

Any rocket this size and weight must be launched from a rail. For this, Madcow put two standard rail buttons in the kit with the screws to attach them to the body tube.

Finally, the decals sheet is very simple because the real rocket didn't have much signs painted on it, but they are pre-cut self-adhesive vynil, which is easy to apply.

  • All-fiberglass kit
  • White gelcoat fiberglass nosecone
  • Pre-slotted fiberglass body tube
  • G10 fiberglass fins and centering rings
  • Pre-cut vynil decals
  • Rail buttons
  • Nylon Shock Cord

To launch this rocket you need a launch pad with a standard rail. These launch pads are usually among the equipment of a rocketry club. As this rocket is also an High Power Rocket you probably will launch it in a club anyway.

The launch controller must be 12 volts, of course, as this rocket uses only composite motors. Again, you will most probably launch it in a club where they provide a suitable controller.




2.6" Patriot Assembly Instructions

Download (444.85k)