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AQM-37A Jayhawk - Madcow Rocketry


A semi-scale kit of the target drone from the Sixties.
Build this large and strong model of the US Navy target drone and fly it with 29 mm motors. Once finished this model will be a real beauty to show on the flying field.

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Data sheet

Length77 cm
Diameter66 mm
Weight540 gr
Motor mount29 mm
Recovery75 cm nylon parachute
Launch pad6 mm rod
Recommended EnginesAerotech Single Use F20-4W, F23-4FJ, F27-7R / Aerotech RMS 29/40-120 reloads: F40-7W

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The Madcow Jayhawk is a great kit for those who like to spend some time in building and want to have a different looking rocket to fly it with mid-size motors.

This model is large, strong and made with very good quality materials. It is a dream for those who like to glue parts together, finish and paint. And when it is finished, it doesn't get unnoticed with its large wings, plywood winglets, front fins and orange-red color.

The kit is made with great care in selecting the materials and is very complete. Fins, wings and rudders are laser-cut plywood and even a Nomex parachute protector is included.
With this kit you will have hours and hours of real fun!


Madcow kits are very well made, and this Jayhawk is not exception to this. The body tube is a thick walled kraft cardboard tube with slots for through-the-wall fins mounting. Wings, rudders, forward fins and centering rings are all laser-cut from three layers birch plywood.

Instructions are well made and complete, and a waterslide decals sheet is included.

The shock cord is strong, as it is made of a thick kevlar line to withstand the aperture shock and the hot ejection gases, plus a length of thick nylon line wich gives that small elasticity needed to absorb part of the ejection stress. We appreciate the way the shock cord is linked to the rocket, through an eyescrew bolted on the upper centering ring.

Wings are precisely cut, with slots to interlock the rudders to the wingtips, and are strong. They will withstands a lot of abuse and those not-so-soft landings.

One feature you will notice for sure is the drag-reducing tail cone. It is turned from balsa, something hard to see nowadays, it is turned very well and fits the body tube perfectly. Ok, you need some extra work to finish it, but after all this is really a builder kit.

Finally, this kit includes a fire-resistant Nomex parachute protector. This is a widely used system to protect the parachute from hot ejection charges and burning particles. The Nomex is permanently attached to the shock cord and the parachute is wrapped in it, protected from the heat.

The only missing thing in this kit is a motor retainer. Although some single use motors can be friction-fit, a motor retainer is a better solution. The motor mount is a thick wall kraft cardboard tube, similar to LOC/Precision tubes, therefore you can mount a screw-on retainer like the Public Missiles HAMR-29 SET or the Estes 29mm retainer. Plan it in advance, however, as the motor mount tube must protrude 1 cm from the lower centering ring to have some surface to glue the retainer on (read retainer instruction first!)

  • Plastic nosecone
  • Water Slide Decal Sheet
  • Balsa Tail Cone
  • Flameproof Chute Protector
  • Laser Cut fins, wings and centering rings
  • Kevlar/Nylon Shock Cord
  • Heavy Duty Body Tube

To fly this rocket you need launch pad with a 6 mm launch rod, and a launch controller. As a launch pad, you can choose the Klima Launch Pad, the Estes Porta-Pad “E”, the Estes PS II or the Aerotech Mantis.

As the motors you will use with this rocket will be only composites, you need a 12 volt launch controller as the Estes PS II, the Aerotech Interlock Controller or the Klima URZ 6-12 with a suitable battery.  

Motors are not included.  




AQM-37A Jayhawk Assembly Instructions

Download (706.81k)