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Sport-X - Madcow Rocketry


High Power certification made easy.
An ideal rocket to get your Level 1 high power certification or to be launched anytime. Heavy duty cardboard tubes, 38 mm motor mount.

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Data sheet

Length115,5 cm
Diameter78 mm
Weight790 gr
Motor mount38 mm
Recovery75 cm nylon parachute
Launch padHigh Power rail
Recommended EnginesAerotech and Cesaroni 38 mm reloads G to H

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High power certification cannot be easier.
Are you looking for a Level 1 rocket to get you certification, but you don't know what to choose?
Do you want an easy to build rocket which can carry a payload and can fly with Level 1 motors?
Do you have a particular payload that needs a powerful motor to be launched?
If you answer “Yes” to one of these question the Sport-X is your rocket.

The Sport-X is a large rocket designed to carry a payload, that can be flown with motors in the G to H range. Due to its size and weight, it is an ideal choice as your first Level 1 rocket. You can choose it to make your certification flight or to launch a video camera (or whatever you prefer).

Contruction is traditional: the body tubes are heavy duty, LOC type cardboard tubes. The centering rings are laser-cut plywood as are the fins, and fins are mounted through-the-wall.

Its nominal weight is 800 grams, out of the box, but it will weight more once finished because of the parachute, the painting and the glue. And you have to add the weight of the motor, of course. Therefore the minimum motor you can think to use is a powerful G.


The beauty of this kit is that it has no special features. All the parts are made of top quality marterials, and there is nothing unusual or any special part. The body tubes are heavy duty kraft cardboard, with pre-cut fins slots. The centering rings and fins are laser-cut from birch plywood. The shock cord is made of tubular nylon and the motor mount is 38 mm.

But the lack of special features is what made this rocket kit a perfect choice as your first Level 1 rocket. Although it is not intended for beginners, it is not difficult to build. Any modeller with some experience in building cardboard rocket kits can do it.

There is one feature we really appreciate: the included rail guides are backed by a threaded T-nut which is inserted and glued internally in the body tube. This allows you to screw the rail button in, and unscrew it for any reason you may have. Also, it something strong the rail button is screwed on and does not leave any protrusion inside the body tube that the parachute can entangle on.

This is a payload rocket. It means that a section of the body tube is connected to the nose cone and is detachable form the main body tube. In the part of tube connected with the nosecone you can put various payloads: video or still cameras, tracking systems, altimeters, or any experiment you want to do. It is also a good rocket for school projects or students groups.

But this payload section can be used to modify this kit for dual ejection. You can use the coupler included as a base to design your electronic bay and use the payload section to accomodate the main parachute. We are not going to explain how to make an electronic bay here, as it is too long, but you can find many places on the net to learn how to do it.
We planned to publish these kind of information on this website, however.

The shock cord, made of strong tubular nylon, and the payload section are tied to huge eyescrews that will not give up even under the highest stresses.

The kit does not include any parachute. While you should have the experience to choose the right one, we would use the the Top Flight PAR-36 or PAR-48 and the Public Missiles PAR-36 or PAR-48.

The motor retainer is not included as well. As with other Madcow kits, our preferred choice is a screw-on retainer like the Public Missiles HAMR-38 SET.

You can launch this rocket also on 29 mm motors, of course, but you will need an adapter like the Public Missiles 38/29 or the LOC/Precision MMA-2.

  • Plastic Nose Cone
  • Heavy duty kraft cardboard body tubes
  • Pre-slotted Airframe
  • Plywood laser cut fins and centering rings
  • Delrin Rail Buttons
  • Tubular Nylon Shock Cord
  • Dual Deployment Capable

This rocket must be launched from a rail, therefore an high power launch pad is required. You will be launching this rocket in a club, on their flying field where they have all the necessary equipment.  




Sport-X Assembly Instructions

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