8" fiberglass DX3 - Madcow Rocketry


The giant of Madcow production.
The 8-inch (20 cm) DX3 is a large all-fiberglass high-power Level-3 rocket designed for 98 mm motors.

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Data sheet

Length335 cm
Diameter200 mm
Weight22000 gr (kit only, empty)
Motor mount98 mm
RecoveryParachute (to be evaluated by the builder)
Launch padHigh Power heady duty rail (Unistrut)
Recommended EnginesM and N reloads, Aerotech or Cesaroni

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A wonderful model for super-experts.

The DX3 is a very elegant model, made by Madcow in various sizes. This kit is the largest version being 20 cm in diameter, and entirely made of fiberglass parts.

The 8" DX3 is a kit for Level-3 engines (class M and above) and therefore reserved to the most expert builders. The tubes and couplers are made of resin impregnated glass roving, fins and centering rings are made of G10 fiberglass and the nose cone it is also made of wound roving, with the tip made of aluminum.

The kit includes only the fiberglass parts needed for the rocket structure, such as tubes, couplers, motor mount tube, centering rings, etc. It does not contain other elements such as hardware, parachutes, motor retainer system, etc. Rockets of this level need a careful design of recovery system and electronic installation which follows the designer preferences. 


The Madcow 8" DX3 is a high-power kits suitable for achieving the Level-3 certification or for Level-3 certified fliers that want an even more powerful model.

The kit contains the parts needed to build the basic structure (in aeronautical terms we would call it the "airframe"). It contains no instructions because the use of the various parts is pretty obvious for the builders to which this kit is intended. All the rest, namely the electronic bay, the motor retainer, any payload, etc. is left to the abilities and preferences of the modeller. Those who build models of this type and size are experts in the construction and launch, and want to design internal parts and operation by themselves. Each rocket of this type, in fact, is a unique piece built accordingly to the preferences of its designer.

All the parts are made of fiberglass, tubes and couplers fits together perfectly and the nose cone is a beautiful product, with its tip turned aluminum.

The fins are G10 fiberglass 5 mm thick, and cannot break or flex under any circumstances. The edges have been already beveled. You just have to finish them with fine grit sandpaper before spraying the primer.

The motor mount tube accepts engines of 98 mm. With a rocket of this size you are not going to use the low-end M reloads. This rocket will end up weighing about 40 kilos, therfeore a powerful 98 mm reload is a must. You may want to use an N motor for interesting flights...

There are various parts that you need to add: the shock cords, parachutes, all the internal parts of the electronic-bay, shear pins, rail guides, etc.

As the final weight of the finished model will be around 40 Kg, realistically, the parachute must be chosen accordingly. We suggest FruityChutes for their professional quality. A suitable type can be the IFC-168, but the exact finished weight must be known in advance to make the final choice.

  • Complete fiberglass construction
  • HPR-Level 3 kit for powerful M class engines or N class
  • Resin impregnated glass roving nosecone with with metal tip
  • Pre-cut fin slots
  • G10 fins and centering discs
  • 45 cm electronic compartment

Parts included:

  • 152 cm x 20 cm Pre-slotted fin can
  • 75 cm x 20 cm Payload Tube
  • 5 cm x 20 cm Switch Band
  • 45 cm x 20 cm Coupler
  • 100 cm x 20 cm Filament Wound Metal Tip 5:1 Ogive Nose Cone
  • Nose Cone Coupler
  • Three Beveled 5 mm G10 Fins
  • 82,5 cm x 98 mm Motor Tube
  • Three Centering Rings
  • Five Bulk Plates