Estes rocket motors A8-3

Motori Estes A8-3


Pack of 3 Estes A8-3, 18 mm rocket motors, with igniters and plugs.

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Data sheet

Length70 mm
Diameter18 mm
Weight16.2 gr
Total Impulse2.5 Ns
Thrust duration0.5 sec.
Delay3 sec.
Max. liftoff weight85 gr
Primary useSingle Stage

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The most widely used rocket motor for the younger modellers. This engine is one of the most popular, used in rockets intended for young rocketeers.

When to use this engine

There are many kits that use this engine that is particularly suitable for limited launch spaces. If you have a rocket model weighing a few tens of grams this may be the engine to choose.

Package contains 3 engines, 3 starters, 3 plugs for starters.