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Complete RMS 29/360 High Power reloadable motor. This is the most powerful 29 mm reloadable motor of Aerotech line. Hardware includes: Case, Forward Closure, Aft Closure and Forward Seal Disk. Uses High Power reload kits of H and I class that can be purchased by owner of an HPR Certification Level 1

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Length332,7 mm
Outer diameter29 mm
Weight168 gr

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This motor uses the most powerful between the 29 mm High Power reloads made by Aerotech, even an "I" reload. It can be used in high performance kits made for High Power 29 mm motors, but be sure you build it strong! Any part of this motor is interchangeable with any other Aerotech High Power RMS 29 mm motor

To use this motor you have to choose a reload, assemble it following its instructions, dispose of the residues after each flight and clean the motor accurately. The motor can be used an indefinite number of times. Every reload of this motor must be used with the Forward Seal Disk included.

Aerotech reloadable motors have been manufactured by Rouse Tech until 2014, anodized in blue or yellow. The production has been taken over by Aerotech, with a black anodizing. For this reason this motor can be shipped in blue color until Rouse-made motors will be replaced by black Aerotech.

This RMS motor is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and consists of four parts: the case, the forward closure, the aft closure and the Forward Seal Disk. The forward closure holds the delay and the parachute ejection charge, the rear closure holds the nozzle and, being of a larger diameter than the motor body, it acts as an engine block as it butts up against the motor mount tube.

When to use this engine?

Each time you need a very powerful and fast 29 mm motor

The following reloads can be used with this motor:


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