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Calcetín de carbono 60 mm € 39,00

Carbon hoses, or socks, are an easy and effective way to glass your phenolic or kraft body tube. They are much easier to use than plain cloth and they give a neat result effortlessy.
The sock is used with a laminating epoxy resin like E-227 and can be adapted to several tube diameters.

Price for 1 meter

Technical Data:

Diametro at +/- 45° (mm)
Weight at +/- 45° (gr/ml)
Weight at +/- 45° (gr/mq)
Diametro at +/- 30° (mm)
Weight at +/- 30° (gr/ml)
Weight at +/- 30° (gr/mq)
Diametro at +/- 60° (mm)
Weight at +/- 60° (gr/ml)
Weight at +/- 60° (gr/mq)
Roving type
6K T300
Thickness at 50% (mm)

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